Cars / Van / 4x4 Tyres In Pakistan

ContiSportContact™ 5

Control has never been sportier

ContiSportContact™ 5 P

Safe performance for sporty cars, giving maximum fun at the wheel.

ContiSportContact™ 3

Superb braking performance for real high performance cars.

ContiPremiumContact™ 2

Shorter braking distances for luxury and medium-sized cars.

ContiEcoContact™ 5

The new Performance-Eco tire.

ContiCrossContact™ LX 2

Excellent dry and wet braking performance and very good handling properties High mileage and high level of driving comfort Outstanding traction in light off-road use

ContiCrossContact™ UHP

Puts 4x4 performance safely on the road. For high speeds in road use.


For high-performance four-wheel drive vehicles.

ContiCrossContact™ LX

For medium to heavy 4x4 vehicles.

ContiCrossContact™ AT:

High performance for off-road driving.

Vanco™ Contact 2

For family vans and small commercial vehicles.

ContiVanContact™ 100

Safety. And even more efficiency.

Vanco™ 2

Robust, safe and extremely durable: The new Vanco™ 2 for small commercial vehicles and vans.

Vanco™ Eco

Easier on the gas. The new Vanco Eco for light commercial vehicles and vans.

ComfortContact - 1

Formedium-sized to large cars.

ContiComfortContact CC5

Feature Noise Breaker from Conti Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology

ContiSportContact™ 5

Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions. Excellent road grip and safety when cornering. Reduced fuel consumption and high mileage

ContiMaxContact™ MC5

Noise Breaker from Conti Silent Tread Pattern Groove Technology